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ZOWN Range of Furniture Banner

In March 2014 Eden agreed a deal to distribute in the UK the Zown brand of contract commercial furniture from Maxchief. We had dealt with Zown products for a number of years prior to this and were familiar with the quality and the company background.

Eden stock in the UK a number of the fast moving ranges of folding tables including the popular circular Planet range and the rectangular XL range.

Maxchief Europe S.L. was established in September 2008 with headquarters in Barcelona, one of the world's benchmark cities for design and emerging aesthetic trends.

From Europe, the team lends its expertise in assessing the needs of the global market, in creativity and in design. It manages distribution and provides a European warranty as well as effective and flexible logistics, basing its philosophy on the constant pursuit of innovation and commitment to customer service. Since January 2015 Maxchief Europe S.L. has internalised its logistics, becoming established in a new industrial warehouse of 4,800 m² in Llinars del Vallès, Barcelona.

The main factory in Guangdong, China, was established in 1994 and has a staff of 2,400 employees and covers 120,000 square metres. It is equipped with 41 HDPE blow moulding machines, particularly noteworthy among which is the 45-litre machine on account of its capacity to produce large-scale parts. The factory also features 12 plastic injectors, several pipe and steel plate processing lines, 45 digital welding robots and 4 powder coating lines. All of the above makes for the production of between 600 and 800 containers per month.

Each and every member of the company team strives towards the constant improvement of product quality and the effectiveness of production processes. In recognition of this commitment, the company was awarded the ISO-9002 (1994) and ISO-9001(2000) certifications.

Zown tables have become the choice of many leading hotel chains and other professional establishments as the furniture offers a number of selling points.

  1. Light and shock-proof.
  2. Stable and capable of withstanding weight.
  3. Durable, competitive and low-maintenance.
  4. Comfortable for users. With a broad range of compatible models of various sizes.
  5. Assembled and disassembled rapidly, safely and repeatedly. Easily transported and stored, saving space.
  6. Manufactured from easy-to-clean hygienic materials. Damp-proof and UV-proof. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Eden will be happy to advise on any aspect of the Zown range and orders can be placed directly on the Zown online shop at http://shop.zowncontract.com/en/ or through Eden Furniture.

Below we have a selection of the Zown products together with a video of the tables being tested.

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Zown Manufactured Table vs a Leading Competitor

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