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Contract Furniture & Commercial Furniture Range

Eden Furniture has an extensive range of products to suit most needs within the Hospitality and Leisure industry. Let’s help narrow your search down – Do you want INDOOR, OUTDOOR, POOLSIDE or SCHOOL & OFFICE FURNITURE.

We have made it simple for you to browse our range of furniture products. You can use the four main product categories above (with sub category thumbnail links), the main categories of which are replicated in the links boxes over on the right hand side. We have further categorised our products into more niche areas, which can be accessed by either the dropdown selector at the top of the right hand column, or the quick links section at the bottom. The final method, to narrow your product search down even further, is the product search facility over on the right, where you can enter any particular trade name or keyword you desire.

Many of the fast moving items are stocked in our Midlands warehouse and we have sensible delivery times from many of our manufacturers. All of our products carry an estimated delivery time so that you can plan your purchase around the time frame available to you.

All of our products are priced as we have always adopted a 'Transparent Price Policy' so that you can see upfront the costs involved. If you have a large order, generally in excess of 200 pieces, then we should be able to improve on the listed price as this will allow us to speak with our manufacturers and negotiate further bulk discounts. Please contact us if this is the case and we will certainly endeavour to help.

Please use the links and search facility on the right hand side to choose your categories and product sections or search for specific products.

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