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Wood Finishes & Laminates

Wood Finishes

At Eden Furniture we try and offer as much choice as possible with regards to your furniture. Some of our products are brought in from our factories 'pre-finished'. This means that they have been stained & polished in a standard finish generally Natural Beech or Walnut. This saves time and money and as a rule we can offer these products for immediate delivery at great prices.

However we also have invested in an in-house spray booth so we can offer a bespoke finish and stain and polish our furniture to your requirements. This adds a few days more onto the lead time but you will get your furniture in the finish that you want. With the spraying and polishing being done in house we are able to keep the costs to a minimum as we are not using a third party.

Typically you can choose to have tables, tabletops, chairs & stools stained and polished to your requirements. This applies to both solid wood and veneered.

Wood Stain Range

We use the Harmony range of wood stains from Symphony which is designed to enhance the wood's natural grain and appearance.

The Harmony internal wood stain range consists of 30 classic colour stains and 20 contemporary pastel colour wood stains providing expert results to all styles of interior wooden surfaces.

NB: - Please note:

The colour swatches shown are as a guide and should not be taken as definitive. They are as accurate as we can show but there is always a slight tolerance allowed in the colours with different stain batches. There may be a supplement for small orders in more obscure colours as we have to purchase minimum quantities of stain from the manufacturers.


Alternatively, we offer a massive range of laminate tabletops. Laminates have come a long way from the old school days where they would chip and peel and with modern technology are more securely bonded to a central core. There are a wide range of wood finishes and colours. We generally use laminates from either Polyrey, Formica or Egger.

Please click on the links below to see the colour ranges offered by these companies.

We can provide samples swatches of the laminates if required.

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